Breakfast with Orangutan at Bali Zoo

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Breakfast with orangutans at Bali zoo, this is one of the amazing experiences you can enjoy with your family by enjoying breakfast accompanied by orangutans at Bali zoo. enjoy your breakfast with our adorable Orangutans in their playground. It will be one of the kinds of new experiences on your holiday in Bali.

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Start the most important meal of the day with our adorable Orangutans at their playground. Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of experience! The first in Indonesia, Bali Zoo launched a unique Breakfast with Orangutan experience. Now, guests are not only able to enjoy breakfast like a king, but also with kings of the jungle: Orangutans.

Along with the orangutans’ amusing antics, you get a hearty meal featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables with fruit juice, followed by fresh-baked bread served with butter and jam. For the main course, enjoy your choice of options that range from eggs Benedict and house-made granola to the famed local rice dish of nasi kuning. Add a cup of Balinese kopi tubruk or a warm English breakfast tea for a perfect ending to your meal.

Bali Zoo is one of the best zoos in the Asia Pacific. It is the premier choice of the recreational park offering fun education on wildlife. Bali Zoo is home to various tropical plants and an extensive collection of fauna ranging from mammals, birds, and reptiles. Most parts of the zoo are well-shaded by tropical trees and gardens, offering pleasant walks through paved pathways and past enclosures. It also offers a wide range of experiences, such as pony rides as well as outbound adventures.

Located in Gianyar, Bali, the zoo also acts as a conservation site for a wide variety of animals, so you can be sure that all the animals living here are as happy as they can be!

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Breakfast With Orangutan

Adult Rp. 675.000
Child Rp. 485.000

Hotel return transfers, full breakfast, zoo admission, Jungle Splash water play, animal encounters & show, and insurance.
Pick up time: Morning at 07.00
Pick up area: Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud, and Sanur Area
Breakfast With Orangutan
(Without Transfers)Adult Rp. 550.000
Child Rp. 395.000
Full breakfast, zoo admission,  Jungle Splash water play, animal encounters & show, and insurance.
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