Banana Boat Rides

15 minutes
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1- n/a

Up to 5 people can ride on the banana boat together so you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family!

A banana boat is a long banana-shaped inflatable craft that you can sit on while being pulled by a speedboat. Expect wind in your hair, splashes of seawater, and loads of fun!

Rp 225.000

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Banana Boat Rides is a game of Bali water sport in the middle of the sea, using a rubber boat that looks like a banana. Banana boat size is quite large and can be climbed, 5-6 participants. Banana-shaped rubber boats are used for banana boat rides. The boat will be pulled by speed, usually, a speed boat driven by one to two guides. When you ride a banana boat, it feels like riding a horse.

As you might have known, Tanjung Benoa beach is the central location for marine water sports in Bali. Due to Tanjung Benoa beach located close by to Nusa Dua, sometimes traveler calls Tanjung Benoa aquatic activities as Bali water sports Nusa Dua.

Tanjung Benoa banana boat Bali water sports activity uses equipment which meets international safety standards. Such as life jackets, speedboat, and the banana boat itself. The professional guides who accompany you during banana boat Bali activity, are well-trained and experienced. These to make sure your safety and convenience during the Bali banana boat ride.

After joining the Tanjung Benoa banana boat ride for 15 minutes, the guide will lead you back to the beach. Consequently, there is an added attraction offered by the instructor to banana boat rides participants. The guide capsizes the banana boat makes all the passengers wet. You need to say it if you do not want to get wet. That you do not wish to the banana boats to get reversed when the ride is over, it depends on your request.

  • Mineral water
  • Life jacket

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Please bring changing clothes, towel and suncream