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15 minutes
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Feel driving your own jet ski without a guide at high speed in the sea while enjoying the beauty of the beach of Nusa Dua Never miss the beauty offered by Bali, Make this tour package your choice. You will get an unforgettable personal experience.


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Bali Jet Ski is one of the watersport self-riding Jet Ski, especially for people who have experience in riding a jet ski. This watersport activity also has been well known and part of the favorite attraction for local or ether foreign tourists. You will ride a jet ski like a race against motorsport but the only thing you ride on the ocean. This activity will certainly make your mind fresh and will eliminate the situation from working routines and keep up a good spirit. Bali Jet Ski is perfect for you who have a vibrant young soul. The beautiful beach panoramas will invite you to ride through every curve and angle around the ocean. About the safeties, especially for beginners don’t have to worry, because you will be guided by a professional guide instructor.

Before driving a jet ski, you will have a briefing from the guide instructor. They will explain the mechanisms and procedures of using a jet ski, they also will introduce the outline of the engine, gas, braking, security systems, and how to drive safely. Also, there will be guidance on how to control the jet ski safely and avoid the risk of falling or colliding with other jet skis or boats that are around the beach area. And to maintain the safety of the rider, you also required to wear the life jacket.

The best experience of 15 minutes hires a self-drive jet ski at the white sand beach of Nusa Dua. Go as fast as you can ….! The Jet Ski is supported by 700cc motorizes jet power to break the wave fast and fully turn moving that is ideally for everyone who enjoys the challenge. This adventure is extremely enjoyable within 15 minutes at the white sand beach of luxury area Nusa Dua.

  • Duration One round 15 minutes
  • Shower & Locker, All equipment

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– Please bring towel, sunscreen & swimsuit