Cooking Class at Puri Ageng Sukawati

2 hours
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Cooking Class at Puri Ageng Sukawati offers you an opportunity to learn how to cook real many foods with good ingredients, skilled and friendly. A great activity for all the family, cooking classes take you on an incredible journey driven by your taste buds. A typical cooking class in Bali teaches you not just about local foods and how to prepare them. Teachers who can impart the secrets of Balinese cooking to you in a fun atmosphere.

Rp 400.000

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If you’ve tried Bali’s unique cuisine while traveling to the island and want to be able to recreate it back home, this Balinese cooking class at Puri Ageng Sukawati is an ideal activity for you. Visit a local market to shop for fresh ingredients. Learn about the elements and techniques of Balinese food from a professional Balinese cook, then enjoy eating the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor at the end of the class.

  • Cooking class activities
  • Welcoming dance
  • 1 x meals
  • Sightseeing at Puri (Wisata Puri)
  • Learn dancing
  • Learn to make Balinese Offering

Bali is distinct in many ways from the rest of Indonesia, with its own culture, religion, and cuisine. On any trip here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to taste Balinese food, but if you want to learn how to create delicious Balinese dishes for yourself, here’s what you need to know about cooking classes in Bali.
Sukawati area is known for its art market that become ‘a must see’ place by tourists especially the local ones from Jakarta or other area in Java. Huge number of small stalls occupied the two stories building offer a lot of cheap souvenirs. Sukawati art market is still in great demand. The location is also strategic in the direction of travel with tourist destinations in the Ubud area.

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